Monday, August 16, 2010

That's LIfe

We have had a lot of good times so far and only a few not so good such as having to get new tires and dental issues. However, we have now run into a pretty scary time. Joe had not been feeling well all week but seem to be better Friday, the 13th (sign of things to come?). We left Maplewood State Park on are way to Duluth,MN. Joe was driving and doing fine. Then he was starting to have problems keeping the motor home straight and said it was the wind. It seems a little more than that to me and when he said he had a little double vision, I had him pull over and I took over. I was doing fine. Joe started actually a little weird, laughing a lot and seemed almost like he was drunk or something. Then I stopped to get gas and when he got out of the motor home, his balance was completely gone. I ran into the store and had someone call 911. The paramedics arrived within minutes and when we explained how he was feeling and mentioned he is diabetic, they checked his blood sugar right away and it was extremely low. They gave him something and by the time we got to the Hospital in Aitkin, 20 miles away, he was more himself. They did some tests and determined he must have been bitten by a deer tick and had anaplasmosis, tick disease, which is similar to lyme disease. He hadn't been eating much as he had no appetite and that is why he ended up with such low blood pressure. They decided to keep him overnight. I got a ride back to the MH with the paramedics and drove the MH back to the Hospital. Joe ended up staying in the Hospital for 2 nights and then we also stayed a third night in the area so he could go back to the Hospital for one more set of blood tests to make sure his white count and blood sugar were more regulated. He will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. One week is enough for anaplasmosis but as it is possible to test for lyme disease this early, the doctor recommended he stay on it for 3 weeks which is the time needed for it. When trying to determine how he got it, the doctor was first confused. It is very prevalent in Minn but we had only been in the state for 5 days and it usually takes more like 10 or 15 to start showing symptoms. When we mentioned we had been in South Dakota, he said it is prevalent in the Black Hills which is exactly where we were to fit the timing. Anyway, we were very glad to finally be able to leave. I do say that everyone from the person in the store at the gas station who called 911 and told me I could leave the MH there as long as needed to the paramedics and the doctors and nurses were so nice and helpful and made a bad experience a little easier.

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