Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gypsy Journal Seminars

Tuesday morning we went and had coffee and donuts and then started our day of seminars. They had quite a lot to choose from on subjects such as fire safety and other issues related to rvs, computer related such as blogging, using picasa and google earth, , crafts, beginning kayaking and bicycling and many others. Our first class was on fire safety. Of course they start off by scaring you showing a film on how fast a motorhome can burn up. But it is a very important subject and we ended up buying some fire extinguishers to keep in different parts of the motorhome including one that goes behind the refrigerator which is one of the main places fires start. Who knew? They gave a lot of other could tips of this subject. After this we went through the vendor tents and then after having some lunch went to a few more seminars. One is managing digital photos with picasa and the other email issues on the road. They were put on by Geeks on Tour. The "geeks" are Chris and Jim Guld, who have been computer support professionals since the 80's. They decided to full time rv in 2003 and put on seminars and write tutorials and have videos on various computer subjects that are of interest to those of us on the road as will as anyone interested in learning about picasa, blogging and other internet related subjects. We found the seminars to be very helpful.
In the evening Nick had some interesting entertainment. The Hoosier Honey Beauty contest. Pretty funny.
The winner with Nick Russell

The winner was Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour that we didn't realize until the next day when we went to another of their seminars. 

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