Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More seminars and McKinney Washtub Two

We went to four seminars today. We feel like we are back in school. We went to three more of Geeks on Tours seminars, one on beginning blogging, one beyond the basics of blogging and GPS Navigation and Trip Planning.
Jim and Chris make the classes fun and easy to follow. In the GPS seminar, they gave out a trial cd for Streets and Trips. It is a great navigation tool. You can use it with your GPS or even download to your smart phone that  has GPS installed such as the Droid. I think that is our next purchase as we have Verizon now and had been thinking of getting the Droid anyway.
The last seminar of the day was on Preparing to drive in Alaska put on by Dennis Hill, who owns RV Driving School, which is the driving school we went to back in El Cajon at the start of this adventure. He is very funny and really got us excited about going to Alaska one of these days. There were a number of people there that had been there 2 or 3 times. They just love it.
The evening entertainment was a concert by McKinney Washtub Two. They are a husband and wife team. Whitt and Judy McKinney make music on everything from guitar and mandolin, to washboards, spoons, a flute, and even a kazoo!

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