Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Washington DC

Monday we left Gettysburg and headed to Cherry Hill Campground, which is in College Park, Maryland. We signed up through Sunday as we know there will be a lot to see. We may then go on to another campground in Virginia below Washington DC.  Tuesday, we decided to go into DC and see some of the sites around the National Mall. There is a bus that comes right to the campground and goes to the Metro station that will take us into DC. We purchased our bus and metro tickets right at the campground so we are set for the day. The metro subway is nice and very clean. It is definitely the way to get around. You want to avoid driving if you can as it is very crowded, as bad as LA or worse.
We got off at the station that is just north a few blocks from the National Mall area. People are very helpful. Several times when we had our map out trying to figure out where we were and where we wanted to go, someone would come over and asked if we needed help. How great!!

   We started at one end of the National Mall and walked to the other end where the Lincoln Memorial and some of the other Memorials are located.There was a large group of Veterans, many of which were in wheelchairs touring the Memorials to WWII, Korea and Vietnam

World War II Memorial

Washington Momument


Reflecting Pool facing Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


Vietnam Veterans Memorial
All the names of those who gave their lives and of those who remain missing are inscribed in the order that they were taken from us.

Nikki at the WWII  Memorial -All states are engraved in the columns
Korean War Verterans Memorial
A group of 19 stainless steel statues, created by World War II verteran Frank Gaylord, depicts a squad on patrol and evokes the experience of American ground troops in Korea.

We also walked over to the White House to take a few pictures. When we were at the Memorials, we saw a number of helicopters leaving and we assumed the President must have been on one of them.

Joe in Front of the White House

We didn't realize that in order to take a tour of the White House, you need to get advanced tickets and must go through your Congressman to get approved. We noticed a lot of security.  There will be large planters in front of entrances to the various State Capital buildings as well as cement barriers and columns to keep cars from crashing into the entrances. They even have a metal barrier in front of the entrances that are for cars that lower when approval has been given for the car to enter. Saw a police dog checking one car that was entering one area near the White House.
We certainly enjoyed our first day in DC and definitely got our exercise walking all over the place. Tomorrow we will go into some of the Smithsonian Museums.

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