Thursday, September 9, 2010


On Wednesday we arrived at Artillery Ridge Campground and National Riding Stables. It is an interesting campground as campers can bring their horses.
Site right across from ours

They have stables and corral for the horses as well.
We are in a back area that is nice and quiet.
Thursday, we went over to the Gettysburg vistor center. We decided to buy an audio tour, which has 2 cds and a book with map. This way we can just drive in our car to tour the battlefield area instead of taking a bus tour. There are a number of set stops where you can park and listen to the corresponding information on the cds that give information on the particular area and its part in the 3 day battle here.The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory in the summer of 1863 that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North.  It is hard to image looking at this beautiful area that  it was the war's bloodiest battle with 51,000 casualties in only 3 days, more than all the years in the war in Vietnam!! At each stop after listening to the cd, we got and walked around the area taking some pictures and taking in the views. It is an amazing place.

As there are 3 days in the battle, we decided to split the auto tour into three days as well. We did some grocery shopping in town and then made our way back home for a relaxing evening.

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