Saturday, September 11, 2010

Food and Wine Festival in Gettysburg

Saturday, we headed to the Gettysburg Wine and Music Festival.  It was in a empty field near a Movie Theater complex. It is the 6th annual festival here in Gettysburg. There were around 20 wineries participating. The tickets to get in included a wine glass and free tastings of any of the wines. It seemed there were a lot of sweet wines, more than we have seen at other wine festivals. Some were pretty good, such as a blueberry wine and also one called pinot colada that yes tasted like a pina colada. Would be good as dessert wines. They also had food, of course, such as crepes to crab cakes to gyros. The first group was a Beatles tribute band called the Resistors. They were pretty good. It was a little hot as there was no shade anywhere. Also we didn't bring chairs and so you had to sit on the ground if you didn't want to stand the whole time you were there and so we only stayed for a few hours. It was fun though.

Some of the smart people who brought chairs


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