Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mount Vernon

We drove to Mount Vernon, which took a little over an hour. When George Washington lived here, it was a 8,000 acre plantation divided into five farms.  The farm where he and his family lived was 500 acres and sits right on the Potomac River. It includes kitchen gardens, deep border of woods, gardens, many paths for walking including down to the water. Washington was responsible for Mount Vernon’s distinctive architectural elements. He was far ahead of his time in regards to running his plantation. He started an innovative plan of crop rotation as well as introduced the mule to America in order to find an animal better suited to farm work than the horse. Of course there are also many exhibitions on his life as a soldier and politican and first President of the United States of America. We watched a film reinactment of how George and Martha met and a little of their life together.

Entrance to the Main House

View of Potomac from back porch

Some of the buildings , including kitchens, storage, livestock, livery


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