Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work on the Motor Home and a Little Paddling

Our next stop was to be Gettysburg. However, we decided to take the MH in for service first as it is past due and there is a Freighliner service center in the area. Joe called and they said to bring it in. When we got there, we went over what needs to be done for the 24,000 mile service. More than just a oil change I am afraid. It will take all day and into the evening to get everything done in this one day. Glad we don't do this to often(last time 18 months ago) as it is rather expensive. It needs to be done though. We decided to go back to Mosquito Lake for some paddling as it is a nice day and we have time to kill while waiting for the coach to be done. We packed up some things in the Jeep and took off. We first stopped first a Wal Mart to get an oil change for the Jeep. Must as well get that taken care of now as well. Once that was done, we got some lunch and then headed to Mosquito Lake. It was pretty windy but we still had a nice paddle. Got a good work out paddling against the wind. Coming back we hardly had to paddle at all.

We went back to the service center to check on the progress around 6 o'clock. They thought it might be about 3 hours more. We decided to get some dinner.  I got shrimp scampi and Joe got a taco salad. He should have sent it back. It was  not good and definitely overcooked. Oh well, we have had some great food throughout our trips, you are bound to get a bad meal once in awhile. We went back to the service center and  stayed in the waiting area, watching some TV and Joe did a little work on the computer. It was almost midnight when it was finally done. We just drove for about a half hour until we found a rest stop for the night. Then it is on to Gettysburg.

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