Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Day in DC

Wednesday we took a drive down to Fort Washington as we were looking for a spot to kayak. It is not easy to travel by car. Lots of traffic and many different highways. Some of the GPS directions had us going on too many different highway/freeways. We finally did start to figure out the best way though. We ended up not kayaking but headed back and did some shopping. I finally got to go to a Trader Joe's :) We haven't seen any in all the some towns we have been through. This is the first since Santa Fe. Stocked up on some of our favorites.
Thursday We again took the bus and the subway into DC. There are a number of ways to get around the city, bus tours, trolley tooks and segways.
   We decided to go to the National Archives.It is our national record keeper that was created by statute in 1934. It safeguards records of all three branches of the Federal Goverment. In 1952 President Truman presided over the unveiling of the Declaration of Independence, Contitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights in the Rotunda of the National Archives. For more than 50 years, visitors have come to this site to view these signed documents which are known as "The Charters of Freedom." Besides these and the Magna Carta there are Public Vaults that have stories from battlefields and also letters children have written to the Presidents. There are documents, recordings, maps and photos that tell the stories that made history. Another very interesting place to go.

We then made our way to the Air and Space Museum. On the way, we walked through the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden which was just beautiful. It is 6 acres of the Mall. It includes a central fountain (in winter , an ice rink) ringed by linden trees.


                                                                    We arrived at the Air and Space Museum which is dedicated to the many forms of flight and to space exploration. By the way there are 16 Smithsonian Museums and all most all of them are free to the public. Pretty amazing.

On the way back to the subway, we walked through the Gardens again.


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