Monday, August 30, 2010

Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally

Monday afternoon we arrived at Elkhart Campground. We checked in and got set up and then went and signed in for the rally. They will be having seminars, vendors with rv related product and some entertainment at night. They also gave out door prices. We got one the first night, which was a $10 off coupon for Applebee's restaurant. They gave a lot of restaurant coupons out the first night so people had time to use them in the area while they were here. Nick is a very funny man. He definitely could be a stand up comedian. In addition to the journal, he writes a separate blog called Nick's Blog about their travels. He also writes a blog called Bad Nick. He is not PC and has his own opinions on a variety of subjects, whether political or everyday life. You can't label him as conservative or liberal as he just speaks his mind. I don't always agree with him but just love reading his blog and the comments he gets from others.

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