Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down the Road Again

The last three days at Rapid City we didn't do too much. We caught up on work, blog, updating addresses for our different accounts, etc and some shopping before we took off. Everytime someone new came into the rv resort now they had motorcycles. It is still a week to the Sturgis run. I can't even image what it will be like next week. In fact , when we left and started ending east towards Lake Poinsett, our next stop, we constantly saw people on motorcycles and trikes, or with motorhomes with trailers filled with bikes. We left around 10 AM and with time change, losing another hour, and stopping for gas and to make ourselves some lunch, it was 700 PM before we got to Lake Poinsett. It is near Arlington and is almost at the SD/Minnesota border. I do a few pictures on the way there. One of the rolled up hay that we saw everywhere. What can I say, I am a girl from Suburbia and thought it was interesting to see. Other picture taken from the car was taken as we drove over the Missouri River.
Long day. However, when we drove into the site and saw our spot, we were excited to see that we have another great place to stay. We are right on the water. THis is the closest to water we have ever been. In fact a little closer than we normally would have been here at the Lake. Unlike other lakes we have been to recently that are way down, this Lake is up from normal. They had an early thaw and then a lot of rain. In one of the pictures here you will see the rocks and sandbags they had to add. There was a pathway where the rocks were that is now 3 or 4 feet under water. About a week ago, they had a hugh storm and many of the summer homes along the lake were flooded.

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