Friday, July 30, 2010

Sturgis/Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway

Today we decided to take a drive starting with Sturgis. The big annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starts August 9th but we are already starting to see a lot of motorcycles. The expected attendance is around 500,000. Rapid City and Sturgis are small towns and this is a big boom for them. We drove through Sturgis and there were already lots of stands set up with Sturgis t shirts for sale. We drove on to Deadwood but it was getting close to a Rodeo Parade and people were sitting in front of the stores waiting for it. Deadwood is an old mining town and is now a National historical landmark. It looked interesting but we decided to stop by here another time. We kept on driving through the spearfish Canyon byway, another very pretty drive. We saw a waterfall and stopped to take some pictures of the area.
We went back to Mount Rushmore during the evening as we had been told that they spot light the monument once it is dark and it is pretty dramatic. First they have a short film about it and then they asked anyone who was in any of the armed forces or peace corp or who had been in the past to come up on stage. They were given a hugh round of applause. Then they shined the spot lights on the moument. It was dramatic and everyone was feeling patriotic as you would expect.

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