Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More 4 Wheeling - Elwood Pass

Another run, this time to Elwood Pass(11,75 feet). We actually made it up to the summit of Grayback Mountain which was 12,616 feet. Along the way we stopped a number of times to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Some people brought their dogs and they really had a great time playing each time we stopped. See picture of two of the dogs playing.I talked to some people who ended up taking 500 or so pictures over a few days period. We had a few tricky spots and some water crossing which were fun. We stopped for lunch and then some of the group continued on a dirt road to travel home throught Wolf Pass for long drive on pavement but with pretty scenery. We had gone that way on our way to South Fork. It was pretty steep and slow going. We passed a good size water fall but being in motorhome at that time, didn't stop. For our run, we were one of those who went back the way we came but with a little detour for some different views.

We got back and went to Happy Hour. Dinner that night was hamburgers and/or hotdogs. Always lots of conversations about different places everyone has been and planning to go to. Some people have been traveling and living in their motorhome for up to 15 years. Others are still working and have a house but try to travel as much as possible, like us up to a few months ago. Some have a rv resort home base they own and travel most of the time. Interesting mix of people and everyone so nice.

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