Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Saturday was our last run. We met at 700 AM to get an early start hoping we would see some wildlife. We were driving along and first saw what someone thought might be a mule deer. It was a little too far away to tell for sure. However, soon we saw what turned out to be a herd of antelope. They were closer and so we were excited to see them. After that, our lead jeep was having some weird noises and decided to go back into town to see what was wrong. Another couple went with them in case they had any problems along the way. We found out later it was just a rock sitting on the brake line. better to be save than sorry as they say. We had been a small group to begin with it and so now were only three jeeps. We continued on our way seeing some of the sites but got back early afternoon.

Just took it easy rest of the day and had a good last dinner with the whole group.

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