Monday, July 19, 2010

Off to the Dentist I go

One of the reasons we decided to spend sometime close to a bigger city was so I, Nikki , could go to the dentist due to my broken molar. I called a dentist and luckily was able to get an appointment that day. In fact within the hour. We got ready in a hurry and were able to find the dentist office without a problem. The dentist said that if it had to break, it was a good break. No special work, just a crown. She fitted me with a temporary crown. At first she said it would be two or three weeks until the permanent one would arrive. As we were talking about the fact that Joe and I would probably have to go on to South Dakota and then come back, she said she would check with someone who does rush work for them sometimes. They said they could and she said she would overnight the mold for the new crown today and the company doing the work would make the crown and overnight it. We would have it by Thursday or Friday at the latest. If it was Friday, the dentist said she would come in on what was their day off, to cement the new crown in. It would cost $100 for the rush job, shipping and all but this is definitely worth it. It would cost more in diesel to have to come back here from South Dakota. Everyone in their office is so nice and made it an easy experience.

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