Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July and Pancakes

We attended the 35th Annual Pancake Breakfast in the Plaza. The cost was a total of $7.00 each. The city had free parking for the event at all governmental parking lots and since Santa Fe is the capital, there were quite a few. They had set up 3 different cook tents, the red, white and blue. This made moving people through very efficent. I think almost everyone in town was there. There were constantly long lines but as mentioned, very efficent and you got through the line quickly. The pancakes were served with your choice of ham or vegetarian sausage and strawberries. There was also orange juice and coffee. All around the Plaza there were buckets of free ic cold bottled water. Yes, free. Most festivals we have been to would have charged 3 or 4 dollars for water. They also had entertainment such as dancers from local dance classes showing off what they had learned. They also had a Vintage Car Show and art work and jewelry. It was a nice sunny day and warm but not too hot.

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