Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden of the Gods

We decided to go to the Garden of the Gods Park. It is near the town of Manitou Springs. It is a registered national natural landmark and is free to the public. It has dramatic views with towering sandstone rocl formations against the backdrop of Pikes Peak. They have lots of trails to explore and great picture taking. It was one of the busiest places we have been so far. A great place for families to come and being free didn't hurt.

After we were done exploring and admiring the scenery, we went into Manitou Springs, which is a charming little town. We had lunch at a small european cafe and sat outside watching all the people go by. I had pork goulash over potato pancakes which was very good.
On the way back, we started getting rain. We stopped at Camping World and when we left and started back through town, it was pouring. All the corners were flooded. When we got back to the campground, it hadn't rained yet but within a hour or two, it arrived and rained hard for several hours. We read the next day that Colorado Springs got 4 or 5 inches in an hour. They had flash flood warnings as well.

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