Monday, July 5, 2010

Working, Eating and Relaxing

Spent most of the day on the old computer working. Joe on his job and Nikki on blog site. We took time off for linner at the Coyote Grill in the Plaza. Since it ws still the holiday weekend,we wereable to park free in governmental parking spaces. We basically went to this restaurant as we had ready about their meatloaf and Joe likes to try different ones. He is always looking for the perfect meatloaf. The restarant is actually two restaurants. Down stairs is the Coyote Cafe, which is more fine dining. the Grill upstairs is an open air restaurant with a large bar. It was very busy even in the middle of the afternoon. Joe had the New Mexican Meatloaf, which is made of veal, pork and beef tossed with fire roasted green chile. It came with creamy cheddar smashed potatoes and hot chorizo gravy. It had a good taste but the meatloaf did not hold together well. Joe still likes Harry Roadhouse's much better and that was turkey which he usually doesn't like as well as with beef. Nikki had baja stylye tempura fish tacos with crisp mahi, mahi, mango lime salsa, cotija cheese and celery thai slaw. guamole and sour cream as well. It was very tasty. Walked around the Plaza a little and that was about it for the day.

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