Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday we just went down to America's Mailboxes to change our address from the Texas one we got in June. As we had decided not to become Texas residents due to Driving License testing and other requirements, we later decided South Dakota was the way to go. We had read or talked to a number of people who said how easy is was. Boy they were right. We got our new address and the people at America's Mailboxes also took care of going down to city hall and getting our car and motorhome registered and also getting our license plates. We just had to give them paperwork on the vehicles. No inspection of the units were needed. Tuesday morning we went to the DMV. From the time we went in the door, it only took about 30 minutes. The people who worked there were great and so friendly. We gave them our passports, SS cards and filled out form with new address, etc. We then just took the eye test and got our new pictures taken. Minutes later we had our brand new permanent licenses. Amazing, compare that to California DMV's which everyone there dreads going to. We are now South Dakotians. Actually this was the seventh state we have been in on this adventure and My, Nikki's, first state I hadn't been to before. So far we think very highly of this state.

Our scenic adventure for the day was to go to the Badlands, about a little more than a hour drive away from Rapid City. We first stopped at Wall as they advertise and advertise all along the drive there about the famous Wall Drug Store. Well we got there and it was big but had all the standard stuff you see at all the gift ships at all the tourist spots. Not impressive to us but lots of people there and so appeals to a lot of people.

We were much more impressed with the Badlands themselves. You are driving through lots of grasslands(also went through Buffalo Gap Natiional Grassland. Brings to mind "Amber waves of grain" from America the Beautiful. Then you stop and walk to a lookout and look out unusual rock formations. A lot of ancient fossils of an arry of estinct animas have been found here and some can be found in the vistor center and museum there. Often you would see a lot of wildlife but we weren't there at the right time of day.

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