Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chilling in Jalama

No cell phone or internet so Joe gets a little time off from work. We just relaxed and took a lot of walks on the beach. . The beach was also different than we had seen it before again due to our being here earlier than we have ever been here before.  There were many more rocks than you see in the summer as a long of the sand was gone due to the winter storms.

    Savannah is a true beach dog. Dogs can be off leash and she had a lot of fun romping around on the beach making new friends with other dogs and people.

Yummy, Crab

I love the Beach

Jumping for joy
One day we had to have the famous Jalama burger. So good.

We ran into a couple who were parked next to us at Cattail Cove. They are Canadian and are making their way back to Canada. They have to stay in Canada for six months of the year and so only travel in the US for the other six months. They just love the places they have been in the US and really enjoy the campgrounds here. It was fun seeing them again.
We would love to stay here a few weeks but Joe needs to have internet for work and so we will leave Monday to spend some time where we know we will have that. We will leave Monday for Morro Bay.

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