Friday, April 1, 2011

Newport Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Beach

Well, our plans to stay in this area for a month ended up being four months. As they say, plans are made in jello. We finally took our motorhome to Temecula to be fixed or so we thought. We ended up staying there for almost a week just to find out, they would have to take the whole slide out in order to fix it. As they would need a full week with workers decicated to just this job, we had to wait until the middle of March to bring it in. We also would need to leave it there as we can't stay in it when the slide is out. Fortunately one of the people we know here at the Dunes who lives in a 5th Wheel also has an older motorhome that he keeps in the parking area while trying to sell it. Curt kindly oftered us the use of it while our motorhome is being repaired. Of course, nothing when smoothly. First the insurance company refused to pay saying the part is not a mechanical part and the manufacturer is responsible. This inspite of the fact that both the repair people and Thor, the manufacturer say it is a mechanical part. This was when we first had taken it in. Then when we took it in in March and they got the slide out, at first it looked like it might be something that would be covered. But no and then after going through everything they could think of to fix it, there finally found that one of the brackets had originallly been installed backwards. This seems to be the root cause of the problem and so we are now trying to argue with the manufacturer to see if they will pay for it. We had to pay the repair people, but hopefully we will be able to get some or all our money back. Yikes, not the fun part of RVing. Oh, another thing was the orginal week to be fixed ended up 2 1/2 weeks. Then, we went to Temecula knowing we would be staying there at least a day, as they were waiting for parts for a few things we asked them fix such as the awning over the door and some electrical problems. We got there Wednesday and left Friday still having to come back on Monday as one of the parts for the awning was still not in. We stopped at Joe's work as we had left everything that was on the slide section including table and anything in the shelves there while MH being fixed. We had thought about going to the desert during the months we were waiting until we could take the MH in but had some health issues. Joe had a sudden hearing loss in one ear. At first he thought it was just wax, but using ear drops didn't help at all and so he went to the doctor.  Then he had to go to a specialist and after that have a MRI to make sure it wasn't a tumor causing the problem. After all that, they still weren't sure what caused it which is typical in this problem. It could be many causes,including listening to rock music too loud when young. That seemed to be the most likely I think. He might get some of the hearing back but he will have to go back to the doctor in October to see if any change. Then I had a carpal tunnel type issue with my hand which I think was from cleaning out my parents house.A lot of repetitive action stuffing bags with trash and moving things. The other two times I had this was when doing a lot of gardening and weeding clean up in the spring a couple of years ago. It lasted for a couple of the months with being very painful for a few weeks. So anyway we ended up just hanging arould the Dunes.
we did get to go to a few events we would have missed if we left sooner and I'll put those in a separate posting and then we will be caught up and onto our next destination which is the Parker/Lake Havasu are for a few weeks to get some warm weather. Also some more pictures of our wonderful puppy who has been a joy to us since she came into our lifes.

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