Monday, April 18, 2011

Races in Parker

We just loved staying at Cattail. Such a nice state park and so relaxing. Friday we headed back to Blue Water Casino in Parker. Casey and Michael are coming in Friday night for the hydroplane boat races. The drive between Lake Havasu is reallly a nice one if I didn't mention it before. Lots of rolling hills and views of the river here and there.
We got set up and went down to the cafe for some beers and sat outside overlooking the water. Our sons arrived around 9:30 and they are staying at the Casino. Saturday morning we walked down to the water where they were set up. Michael was having trouble with his engine again in one of his boats. He borrowed someone else's motor and by the end of the weekend ended up buying it. It worked much better than his which he has had a lot of problems with.  All the people who race are really nice and everyone helps each other out. Everyone seems to be more interested in just having fun than being overly competitive.
Michael raced both Saturday and Sunday and got a few third places. They left Sunday to head back to Huntington but we stayed until Monday.

We are going to stop back in Newport for a few days and then start heading up the coast.                                                     

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