Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ducks, Flower Shop, Engagement Party and Savannah

We did get to go to another Ducks game in Janaury Then I went with my sister Kristi and George, Brock's best friend to the Ducks Skill competition at the Honda Center. We met Karol there as well. It was fun as it was the first time we went to it.

Go George Parros

Tim in middle, Todd Marchant's young son

                                                             Karol, Kristi and George

Bonnie, one of our friends who works at Norstan with Joe and has also been working in the flower business for a number of years. She and her daughter in law, Kaylee, decided to open their own flower and photography shop. Bonnie does wonderful flower arrangements and Kaylee is a very talented photograpther.
They also decided to sell botique items as well. Their shop is just charming. It is in San Jaun Capistrano in the historic district. The street they are on has many older homes that have been turned into restaurants and shops. Their shop is called the Tangled Vine. We have a special interest in it as we gave them a number of pieces of furniture from my Mom and Dad's house as we prepare to clean it up to eventually put it on the market.

Kaylee and Bonnie

Matthew and Andrew, Bonnie's sons
Their open house for friends and family was a lot of fun. They also do weddings and other events and we wish them the best in their adventure.

At the end of March we went to Kristi and Brock's house for an engagement party for their beautiful daughter Heather and her handsome fiancee Ryan. They are getting married October 15th at the Hilton, which is right accross from the beach in Huntington Beach. We will be back in town for that. There were a lot of friends and family at the party. Lots of good food and fun talking to people we only see once in awhile. Forgot the camera, my bad. I won't forget at the wedding and we be sure to take a lot  of pictures then.

 Below are a few pictures of Savannah who is still growing. She has been so much fun and is really a good puppy as long as we keep her from chewing on everything in sight. She made a lot of friends, people and other dogs at the Dunes. Everyone knows her and says hi Savannah.

She loves to walk around the lagoon and find shells. At night lately we have to check her month before going back into the MH. She will find a prize, such as a snail,and want to run back to the MH to play with it and chew it  up. Of course, she also loves to sit in your lap and give kisses so you can never get mad at her.                                                                              

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