Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Luis Port Harbor District

An easy walk from our site is the Port Harbor District and Pier. There are a number of restarurants including two at the end of the Pier.  Also on the Pier is a Fish Market and a small gift shop. The Harford wharf and pier had been built back in 1873 and had been used by smugglers to illegally move liquor during the prohibition days. In the 1950's, the district was created and funded to bring new life to the dilapidated area.
We had lunch at one of the restaurants on the Pier, Pete's Pierside Cafe. You order your food at an outdoor window and take a seat on the outdoor patio. It is a pet friendly place and there were a few other tables that had dogs sitting under them. We got fish tacos and beers. The tacos were very good with lots of fresh fish. More than you usuallly see in tacos. We just sat back and relaxed in the sun.


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