Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parker and Lake Havasu, AZ

AFter having to make an overnight stop at Temecula RV to have slide adjusted again and a few other things fixed, we were finally able to get back onto the road for next chapter in our current life style. We knew we would be getting there Thursday night and so decided to stay at the Blue Water Casino in Parker. We have stayed there before and is a good overnight place to stay especially as it is free which a lot of the Casinos are for RVers. On Friday, April 1st, we decided to check out some different campgrounds. One of them was Cattail Cove State Park, which we stayed at for a few days last year before ending back to Newport. One of the sites that is nearest the river with an unobstructed view happen to be open and so we decided to reserve it right away. We got signed up and then went to pick up our motorhome and got back to Cattail and set up late afternoon. The weather is hot in the ninetys. We wanted warm weather but yikes what a change from the 60s at Newport. But won't complain. Cattail is right on Lake Havasu and has 61 campsites and a boat launch which gets a lot of use. It has a large parking area and so is extremely popular in the summer when all the boaters arrive. Lake Havasu, by the way, was formed when the Colorado River was dammed near Parker.

Sunset View from our Motorhome

The campground is surrounded on two sides by hills heading towards the lake at one end. There are quite a few trees planted throughout the park. In fact many of them have markers identifying them, such as Willow, Cottonwood , Lemon and Sissoo. There are trails for hiking. Most of the beach area is off limit to dogs. However, there is a small section where they are allow. Savannah is very happy for that as she likes hunting for shells to eat and seems to like the water. When we were at Blue Water Casino we took her down to the river. She walked right in and even swam a little. This is the first dog we have had since our dog Sky that we had when our kids were growing up that liked to swim.

Yeah, my own beach

Joe enjoying the view



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