Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Along the Russian River

We would love to have stayed at Ocean Cove longer, but no cell or internet and so we need to head on. We decided to stop at a place along the Russian River. the campground we picked was called Casini Ranch Family Campground. It is set among beautiful hills along the river. We picked a spot that had full hookups as we have been without for a number of days. It is not right on the water but is still pretty with views of greenery all around. Nice being off season as the last few sites had few people and so you aren't just looking out your window at other rvs. Later we checked out the water view sites. We only planned to stay overnight or we would have moved to one of those. We ended up staying two nights but was a nice site anyway even without water view.  One reason for the second night was we didn't want to drive in the rain. Can't believe how much rain this year. It's almost June and still getting rain and snow in some places. It sure makes for pretty scenery and is great for California which often does not get enough rain. Other states as well that we noticed as we went a number of places last year whose lakes were very low.
  We would have loved to kayak the river but the weather changed our minds. Oh well, we know we will have a lot of opportunities in the months coming up for that. This was another nice place to just relax , do some reading, on net and kindle and take in the beauty of the area.                                                                

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