Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thar She Blows

We finally got around to taking the kayaks out. We haven't been out for awhile in the ocean. Even though they was that much of a wave, my boat got away from me when I was trying to get in it and when sideways and got dumped. Ugh, what a mess. After getting rid of most of the water and mud, made a second much more successful try. Joe and Savannah got in without any issues and so we paddled around the bay. We headed over to the Avila Pier and noticed a boat with a lot of people on it looking and pointing out to the water. Whales!!! We missed seeing some at Jalama but saw them this time. They were breaching the water and blowing water out their blow holes. Really cool. Especially as we were out in the water with them, though about a half a football field away.  Unfortunately we didn't have the camera, maybe next time.

Later in the evening we watched the news of the death of Osama Ben Laden. Congratulations to the President and Navy Seals and everyone who have been involved in this operation.

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