Thursday, May 12, 2011

Northern Coast and Ocean Cove

We traveled onto Ocean Cove Campground just outside of Jenner, Ca which is north of Bodega Bay and south of Mendocino. Again these are areas we have spend time in. We have been lucky to find two new wonderful places to stay on the coast this leg of our journey. Avila Beach was one and Ocean Cove is another. Northern Ca beaches are completely different from So Ca. Here you drive on two lane roads that twist and turn through forests and often find yourself hugging the side of the road looking down at the beach far below. Ocean Cove is a campground I found looking at RV Reviews website. It is on a small island of private land surrounded by state and county parks. It offers camping on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.
The pictures below tell the story and they are all taken in our campground.

Picture taken from our site


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