Saturday, May 14, 2011

Driving the Northern Coast

Weather has been cool but that is always a good time to take a drive and enjoy the scenery. We drove south to Jenner and then turned left away from the shore towards Guerneville. More twists and turns driving through trees that hang above the road, with the Russian River below.

Bridge over Russian River

                 Of  course this is Wine country, near Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino .  However, we have done a lot of wine tasting over the years and decided to skip it this trip. We'll catch that another time.
We drove back to Jenner and stopped at a small restaurant overlooking the River. It has great sandwiches and awesome views. You just order inside and take your food out on the deck.

We continued the drive back past  Ocean Cove. We wanted to check out any possible ways back to the 101 once we leave rather than backtrack south the way we came in. Several roads had signs that said they were not recommended for rvs and large trucks. It  looked like it was going to be a lot way to find a suitable road and so we will probably just go out the way we came in. We stopped to check out another campgroud while we were in this area which is in Mendocino county. Pretty campground where you are really in the midst of trees.

  Went through Sea Ranch which has a lot of expensive looking houses with great views of the coast. Below is an interesting looking sculpture or building. Would liked to have seen it up close.


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