Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chilling at Avila Beach

We have not been doing much of any site seeing in this area. We will be heading to Monterey where we should be doing more of that. We have just been enjoying the views, the weather, taking walks on the beach.
We did have to do some shopping, which included getting a new kindle. Unfortunately Savannah knocked over my coffee which got into my kindle. I won't leave that combination together again where she can get it.
At first it wouldn't work at all. Once it dried out, most of the buttons worked except the menu botton which of course need to read anything. We got the new third generation one that is a little smaller, thinner and lighter. Once we got it home, downloaded the book I was in the middle of, "Visit from the Goon Squad", from the computer and was set to go. Good book, by the way. The author is Jennifer Egan and this book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction this year.
We went to the Farmers Market again on Friday. We took Savannah this time. Another nice time. Music, this week, was a group called Sparrows Gate. They are a folk group that is very Dylanesque. They were very good.
We also went back to Pete's on the Pier for some ceviche and beers. More spicy than we have usually had but very good.  Two pictures below taken from Pier

     Savannah has continued to have fun with the other dogs, playing catch with her ball and romping in the water                                            

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