Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into the Forest

Tuesday, we left Clear Lake and headed north to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest area.
As we made our way towards Redding, we passed many flooded  fields used for rice production. Neither of us had realized how much rice was grown in California and mostly in the Sacramento Valley counties. California is the second rice producing state in the US. We got to Redding and headed west into the Shasta-Trinity Forest towards our destination, which is Ackerman campground. It is 41 miles from Redding and we drove on more winding roads. It is on the northern end of Lewiston Lake near the dam. The lake is actually a reservoir created by Lewiston Dam on the Trinity river. What a beautiful spot, definitely has the it factor.
Not a lot of people here yet but I am sure as the Memorial Day weekend is coming, there will be soon. Right now we are enjoying the quiet and solitude.

Picture from our campsite

Below are some pictures taken Wednesday morning and after some of the rain we got.

End of rainbow in our campsite, where's our pot of gold?

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