Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Stop in New Hampshire and Some Covered Bridges

We were enjoying another scenic drive as we made our way to New Hampshire when  we heard thunder all around and pouring rain coming down and we then had to drive through narrow busy streets in a small town.

  However, we made it to our destination, Ashuelot River Campground, in Swanzey,NH and it stopped raining..  We and another couple who drove in after us had to wait about an hour as we saw the sign on the door with a back at 5 o'clock noted. It was a Monday and the owner thought he was safe in making a trip to the store for supplies. He was very apologetic and very nice. He and his wife just bought the place a year ago and have been fixing it up. She still works and only comes up to the campground on weekends. They are taking a cautious approach until they see how this owning a campground works out. It is a good size campground but not a whole lot of people there when we were there. Most are in the full hook up sites and we picked an electric only in a large open area with only one tent across the way. We only stayed two nights but would loved to have stayed longer.

The river is  on the other side of the trees in the picture above and you can take a nice walk along the river and on a trail right near our spot which Savannah and I did.

We did take a drive to check out the area and drive to some covered bridges in the area. In fact, the campground site did have a warning as some gps's have you going down a road with a covered bridge that would be much too low for any rv. Gracie, our GPS, did not go that way on our way there but when we were out driving in the jeep and returning from a different direction, it did so. On the whole, our GPS has been wonderful. We use it all the time. No more trying to read signs on when or where to turn. Also as it is connected to Joe's smart phone by bluetooth, phone calls come through on it. So hands free. Love her!!!
Any way, we checked out some of the eight covered bridges in the area. Most were built in the early 1800's though some have been rebuilt more recently. Always interesting to see the different styles.

A short stay in New Hampshire but nice. Now onto Maine where we will be for a few weeks.

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