Sunday, July 27, 2014

Savannah Goes to Washington -DC

As we will be leaving Savannah in the MH a lot this week, we decided to toke her into DC to the National Mall. It wasn't easy to find a parking place but we finally found a small parking lot near the Potomac. We walked by a park where a group of guys were playing cricket.

We are at the end of the Mall where the Washington Monument stands tall.

 Thomas Jefferson Memorial
We walked along the Tidal Basin towards a few monuments we hadn't seen the last time we were here in 2010.



We headed to the FDR Memorial. It is the largest memorial in the Capital and is made up of 4 outdoor rooms representing each of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's terms in office.

There are a number of sculptures including the one of FDR in  his wheelchair.  There is also one of Eleanor Roosevelt standing before the United Nation Flag which honors her dedication to the UN. It is the only Presidential Memorial to depict a First Lady.

Of course we had to take some pictures of the sculpture of FDR and his dog Fala.
Interesting that this is the one Memorial that dogs are allow to enter. A park ranger said she likes to think that the memory of Fala has something to do with it.

There are a number of waterfalls in this memorial as well. FDR loved water and was Secretary of the Navy before he became President.

I took a picture of President Roosevelt's wheelchair that was in the gift shop of the Memorial.

It was a very interesting Memorial that was very well done.
We also stopped at the Martin Luther King that wasn't here when we were here before. We only had time to take a few pictures as dogs aren't allow in this Memorial though it is outdoors.  It is a tribute to the famous civil rights worker that is near where he gave his "I have a dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

We again walked along the Tidal Basin and looked at another memorial, this one to George Mason.. He was one of American's founders and wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He did not sign the Constitution as it didn't abolish slave trade.

A good first day in DC. 

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