Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Stop in Rhode Island and a Long Drive to DC

We left wonderful Maine and headed to George Washington Camping Area, a state park in Rhode Island near Providence. It is a nice wooded small wooded park on the Bowdish Reservoir.

Can you see a little bit of our motorhome in the trees below.

We were not on the water but just a short walk from it.

We took a drive and made a stop at Trader Joe's. We hadn't been to one for awhile and were happy to get some of our favorites. 
Unfortunately while there at our no hook up site, we had what turned out to be a battery problem. Joe had called a Freightliner Dealer and he had Joe do a few tests to eliminate what would have been more serious and expensive problems. Friday morning we left early and got to the Dealer which is in Connecticut at 8 hoping they could get to it first thing. Well 3 hours later they were able to look at it and immediately determined we needed new batteries. They were in bad shape. They were the original batteries and we were lucky to have them last as long as they did. It was around noon when we finally left. We had thought about gong directly to Cherry Hill Campground in College Park, where we will stay while exploring DC. However, it is around a 7 hour or so drive and we would be getting there pretty late, especially if we hit traffic. So we decided to make an overnight stop at Elk Neck State Park, where we stayed four years ago when we traveled the east. It was suppose to be around 4 1/2 hours away. Or so we thought. OMG!!! What a mess. Traffic was horrendous.  As we were already pretty far south in CT and near the 95, we went that way. The closer we got to NYC, the worse it got. We tried to get off the 95 and take a different route but Gracie, our GPS, kept trying to direct us back to the 95 and New York City. Finally we followed her directions and did end up missing the City even if we got back to the 95 sooner than we wanted. Anyway, after being on the road for around 7 hours and still being a few hours from Elk Neck SP, we decided to just stay at one of the Service Centers off the highway. Their Service Centers are much bigger than the rest stops we have stayed at before. Lots of trucks and some rvs staying the night and just a lot of cars and people stopping for a break. They have a large area with many fast food stands.. We stayed the night and then stopped at another Service Center to get something to eat. What a zoo. Hundreds of people there and long lines at some of the food stands. We decided to head straight to Cherry Hill after calling to make sure we could get a spot for a week. 
Well, we made it to Cherry Hill and got a site for 8 days and got some relaxing in on Saturday. Starting Sunday we will be pretty busy as there is a lot to see in this area. Stay tuned for DC adventures.

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