Friday, July 4, 2014

More Adventures in Finger Lakes - Sampson State Park

Sampson State Park is a 300+ sites on the shores of Lake Seneca. This was one time a Naval Training station and there is now a military museum there that you pass before getting to the campsites. This caused us a little confusion as we first didn't go down the right road as we thought it was just the military site. We headed down a road that didn't really have any easy place to turn around and ended up unhooking but finally made it. We are here for the fourth of July weekend and I had actually made reservations. There were only spots in the big open area with no hooks ups left. The map showed three rows and we thought it would be a zoo with people camped everywhere on the grass. However, we were in the third row and the first two rows were near the water but then there was a large area in between those rows and ours. There was no one in our row when we got there and even when it filled up for the weekend, it never got crazy and was quite pleasant.
Here is our view when we first got there

Museum that is in back of the campground

After more people arrived
We road our bikes a little though there was some hill riding involved.

Love those sunsets.

On the fourth we drove back to Watkins Glen for another hike with Savannah. Beautiful scenery on the way.

We went to a different entrance point at Watkins Glen and passed a lovely pond.

We passed some no longer used tables. Look at all the moss on the one below.

We had another nice walk along the quiet trail. Most people were on the Gorge Trail that was very busy.

There is a campground here as well as a large day area that was very busy on this holiday.

On our way back we stopped at a lovely waterfall that was just on the side of the road and even took a selfie.

We had been to a few wineries and so decided to do something different and went to a distillery. Finger Lakes Distillery which overlooks Seneca Lake used locally grown fruit to product their vodka, gins, whiskey, brand and liqueurs. We both had tastes picking different liquors. There was an interesting reisiling grappa but decided to buy the berry vodka and Joe picked out a honey whiskey which we don't usually drink but he liked the taste and so something new and different.

We had a quiet 4th evening. We had hoped there might have been fireworks set off across the lake that we could watch. There was but it was on the other side of the hills and there was only a little bit that went up high enough to see.

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