Monday, July 21, 2014

Jordan Pond Walk and a Visit with Friends

We love Acadia NP and spent another day exploring. We went back to the lake we had stopped at the day before but this time had our lunch there.

We  drove on down the loop stopping at Jordan Pond for a hike. The Jordan Pond loop is 3.5 miles and is a leisurely easy walk on a gravel path along the pristine waters of the Pond.

What an idyllic place with beauty at every turn.

Part of the path was over some rocks with water on both sides as the above three pictures show.

The path ends at the Jordan Pond Restaurant which has lunch and tea time with their famous popovers. It was very busy and you should get reservations in advance. We will have to check it out next time we are her

Joe had been in contact with our friends Larry and Orene, whom we met and spent time with at the last two Mexican Connection trips we took to San Felipe and Ensenada. They live in Arizona now but they have a "camp" in Enfield and when they heard we were in the area, invited us over for the day. It was about 1 1/2 north of where we are staying.
They have a lovely cabin. Orene's grandfather bought the land which is right on the water and built a small one roon cabin. Later additional rooms were built including a bathroom as they once had an outhouse on the property. The house has been passed down among the generations and five generations have stayed at the cabin.

We had a great lunch of fried chicken, potatoes and peas and a pasta salad. We drank beer and some wine we brought that we got at one of the New York wineries. What a great afternoon. We all have a lot in common and could talk about any subject, including politics and religion which you can't always talk about with a lot of people.  We will see them again at the next Escapade in Tucson and the next Mexico trip next February.

We were happy to see Ella again. She is a beautiful English Setter who they have taken care of for the last two years while Orene's sister was overseas. She will be back in a few weeks and will be taking Ella home to Washington DC. Larry and Orene will sure miss her.

Our last full day in Maine was spent back in the part of Acadia that we went to on the rainy day. This time we had sunshine. We had lunch at a small restaurant and sat outside with haddock sandwiches which were good.

A lot of the houses in this area had a lunch of lobster traps in their yards.

We walked around at another lovely beach area. I loved the saying below. So true.

 We have really enjoyed this area and the National Park and definitely want to come back again and spent even more time in Maine. We now continue our journey, with a stop in Rhode Island and onto Washington DC.

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