Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Day in Haines

Started off the day by taking Savannah down to the water to run off leash. She was a happy girl. She also met two other cavaliers, one tri -colored and one black and tan, both bigger than her.

She likes seashells

We drove into town and went into the visitor center and checked out a shop next door to it. The town is very picturesque


            We went into the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center,  which was quite interesting. The lower floor has information on the gold rush days, mining and fisheries and Fort William h. Seward, an army post in Haines from 1902-1946 . The fort was named after the man who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia.  They changed the name several times, once due to confusion between town of Seward and the army post. The name was changed back when it became a historical site.   Officers Row in Haines is still there and can be toured.


                     My parents worked at Pan Am in San Francisco when they were first married and I had to take a picture of this

The upstairs is devoted to the Tlingit culture, one of the Native American tribes in Alaska which are an important  part of Alaskan culture. There was an exhibit of the Chilkat Blankets.
The art of  weaving the blankets  originated with the Tsimshian people (near Wrangell) but later spread to the Tlingits through trade and marriage. The Chilkat Tlingits who developed their own design style became the best  weavers. These blankets, requiring a year of hard work to make, were highly sought by northwest coast Indian nobility long before the first explorers came to this region.
They are very beautiful.

Chilkat Blanket

Items of local craft people for sale
                                                                                   There is a lot of interesting history in Alaska and I am sure we will be going to more museums to take it all in.

Headed back to our campsite and took a picture of one of the ships that come into the harbor.


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