Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A nice soak on the way to Watson Lake

Wednesday we left the beautiful Muncho Lake. We had an unexpected extension on how long we stayed and had no cell service, no Internet or tv, no hook ups or dump. By following our rules of filling up the water tank and dumping the grey and black tanks before we got here there were no problems. Our solar panels have kept the batteries charged even though we had overcast skies. The length of daylight is about 20 hours so even a reduced charge kept the batteries up. We didn't even need to use the generator. We continued to have great views and upped our wildlife count.


We drove about an hour before stopping at Liard River Hotsprings. It has long been a favor stop for Alaska Highway travelers and it was for us as well. There is a short walk to get to the pool. The trail goes through wetlands that support 250 boreal forest plants which includes a number of them that only survive at this latitude because of the hot springs.

    The hot springs have temperatures ranging from 108 to 126F according to the milepost book though you do have cooler spots. It is hotter at one end and so you can pick what temperature is comfortable for you. We had a spa at one time and liked to keep it at 105 or so which was pretty hot. Here you can just move around from even a real hot spot and find cooler waters.

Hottest Spot
People who get this far add a rock or stone to the pile which I did
  Nicely refreshed, we headed on to Watson Lake and the Yukon, territory of Canada. On our way we passed a big herd of bison, including some cute little babies. This is the most we have seen since our Yellowstone trip last year.
We also saw some bears and a porcupine.

We arrived at Watson Lake and stayed at Downtown RV Park. It is just a big gravel area with motorhomes close together. Most people just stop here for a night and to see the famous Signpost Forest.
It was started by a homesick soldier in 1942 during the construction of the Alaska Highway and has grown to over 75,000 signs put up by people from all over the world. It is pretty awesome.


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