Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dawson Creek, Mile 1 of Alaska Highway

We left Prince George and traveled in rain most of the way. Didn't take many pictures as the pictures would have rain drops on them. I got a few though.

             WOW views continue. We made it to Dawson Creek which is mile 0 of the famous Alaska Highway.     We hadn't seen very many US license plates in BC up to now. However, we stayed at Mile 0 RV Park and most of the licenses there were US ones. There are a number of different routes from the states but this is the place where they all meet for those heading up the Alaska Highway.

       Of course, everyone has to have their picture taken at the famous Alaska Highway sign. There were several couples there and we had someone take our picture and visa versa. Two of the couples were from New York and one from Vermont. People come from everywhere and are all so excited to be making this journey.
While in town, we also stopped at the visitor center which also had a small museum.


Grain Elevator from 1930's now used as art gallery

We were limited to what we could see due to the continuing rain but it is a nice little town. Below are a few pics of our campground. In the morning it almost empties out and by afternoon is almost full. People  usually only stay a day or two before heading up the road to Alaska.

We will be staying at a few more places in BC and then should be in the Yukon.

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  1. Hoping to see a Mile 0 license plate here; but wee to came through during a blinding rain! Any idea where we can find one? We have a Mile 0 from Key West and would like to have one from AK! Nice web site!