Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road to Fort Nelson

We left on Thursday, the seventh. Note, I am just getting caught up on blogs as we haven't had wifi for a week. We are headed to Fort Nelson. It is nice that we are just on one highway and everything including places to stay are right off it. No stress on finding places and wrong turns. Propane and diesel are very prevalent and easy to find and easy to get into the gas stations. We have been trying to fill up when we get about half empty. You do have long stretchs where there are no towns.
When we first set out today we actually got a little sun but that was gone soon and we had rain and so only a few pictures.

A little XMAS spirit?

Just taking a break at one of the rest stops on the HWY.

We made it to Fort Nelson and stopped at the Triple G Hideaway RV Park, a nice commercial campground.

       They also have a restaurant onsite and we had some appetizers and a few drinks there.


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