Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Prince George and onto Dawson Creek

We left our lovely spot in Clearwater and continued our travels to Prince George, which is about a 5 hour drive. It was overcast the whole day but still beautiful. There are so many lakes around every corner and trees, trees, trees. Clearwater is near Wells Grey Provincial Park, in the wilderness of the Caribou Mountains which has a number of waterfalls as well as great place to hike. Another time perhaps. Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, was one of the awesome mountains we passed by.


  We stopped at several rest stops on the way to stretch, walk Savannah and have a bite to eat. Even the rest stops were scenic.

        We finally got to Prince George

         We picked a campground called Bee Lazer RV Park and Campground, which is 9 miles south off Prince George on the 97 which is what we will be heading north on to Dawson Creek and byond for awhile. the campground is nice for a commercial park. Closer sites than we usually care for but lots of trees and a nice walking path. We also did some laundry while here.

                                                                      It is really starting to stay light later in the evening. It was still not fully dark at 10:30 when I hit the sack.    It will be an experience to have almost 24 hour day light soon.
Our next stop is Dawson Creek and we will spend a few days there. Rain continues and is suppose to be around for the rest of the week at least. Oh well, we got our sunny 2 weeks in Avila and I guess the rain gods felt that was enough.        Oh, we got to watch the Kings/Devils Stanley Cup game. WOW, the Kings are really doing it. Sweep, sweep. Go Kings, win that 4th game and the Cup!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                               

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