Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watson Lake to Whitehorse

We are headed to Whitehorse with a planned overnight stay in Teslin.  The road in some places is now gravel and so we tried to go slow but sometimes you get an oncoming car or truck that leaves you in a cloud of dust.

We finally passed through the area where the road collasped due to the flooding which caused our delay in leaving Muncho Lake.         
According to one news report I read "The flooding events of the last week were “unprecedented,” said Rick Janowicz with the Yukon Department of Environment.
“This was just a massive event, never seen before.”
A snowpack that was 50 per cent deeper than normal combined with a late spring and rainfall exceeding 70 millimetres to create a “perfect storm,” Janowicz said "

         The one lane open is a temporary gravel one as both sides were damaged. Again, the workers did a tremendous job getting this open as soon as they did.       
We stopped at a turnout and while there checked out some info on the volcanic activity in this area that included undersea volcanoes millions of years ago. Took some pictures of one of the beautiful lakes. We are still amazed at all the long, wide lakes we have been seeing throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. During this stretch of the highway, we have gone in and out of BC and the Yukon a number of times.

Dawson  Peaks Resort and RV Park is the nice commercial park that was our next stop. The sites are located in the trees right above Teslin Lake. Quite pretty.

                                                                  There is also a nice restaurant where the owners, Dave and Carolyn are the cooks and wait persons. There is a very limited menus these days as they don't get much business like they did in the past. Food is good including some great berry pies. The original restaurant was a tent and it is still part of the restaurant, housing the reservation desk and gift shop.

                                                               Still having rain on and off during the day and night. It looks like that will be continuing for another 4 or 5 days. Next stop Whitehorse.                                                                                                                         


  1. Whitehorse will be the first and last civilization for a while. Enjoy it. The Klondike BBQ Salmon place is great, although a little pricey. I am sure you are used to pricey by now though.

    Did you see our sign or leave one of your own in Watson Lake?

    1. No, didn't see yours or a few others we were looking for. I couldn't believe how many there were. We almost left our sign we have had for years but didn't. We didn't get to the BBQ place. It looked pretty crowded the few times we went by. We are in Alaska in Haines at the moment. Jello plans as we were originally going to go to Dawson City or Destruction Bay route but changed at last moment. The drive down here was so beautiful. Will update blog soon.