Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bears and Berrys

We got ready for another scenic drive through Waterton. Red Rock Canyon looked interesting from what we read and headed in that direction. On the way we saw a number of bears. It is berry season and they were out munching away.

After watching them for awhile we continued on the Red Rock Parkway that goes through rolling prairie and through the Blakiston Valley. Mt. Blakiston, which can be seen on this road is the park's highest peak. You will see from the pictures below where the name Red Rock came from. Reminds me of Sedona and other southwestern states. We took a nice hike up to a beautiful waterfall


On the way back, we stopped at the visitor center and took a picture of the Prince of Wales Hotel, which is a national historical site and sits on a knoll above the lake.
We stopped at a place called Weiners in Waterton for lunch. Yes, it is a hot dog place but they also have sweet potato fries and some interesting sauces. I actually got the "anti" hot dog which is falafel. Never had falafel on a hot dog bun but it was good. We sat outside at a picnic bench enjoying the weather and our lunch.

We went by the lake and on our way back saw another bear. WOW, this area we have seen more bears than the rest of our time in Canada

 Tomorrow we head back into the states to spend a little time at Glacier. We just loved the time we spent in this part of Canada. We definitely want to come back and spend more time in this area as well as other parts of Canada. A beautiful country.

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