Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We arrived at the Fairgrounds in Gillette Sunday. As we are boondocking and using our solar we got a space right across from the main buildings. We can just walk to the seminars and get togethers rather than drive or ride bikes as the hook up areas are a little farther away. Also not that many rvs in this sections and so we are not crowded together. We went to some interesting seminars. They had a lot of seminars on rvs themselves, such as tire pressure systems, propane, driving tips, fire safety,etc. Others on workamping, line dancing and financial investment. We were especially interested in the travel seminars. We went to several put on by Mike and Terry Church, who are full timers who have been at it for 19 years. They have written many books and give seminars around the country. We went to to one on Alaska and were just wowed. We want to go to Alaska and their seminar just reinforced it. We also went to a few others of theirs, one on the Pacific Northwest and one on the Southwest and headed up buying their books on all three. We like both of those areas and have spent time there but know we will in the future as well and are always looking for new places in those areas. We also signed up for a group called the Mexican Connection, who spend a few weeks every year traveling somewhere in Mexico. We signed up for a trip next February. It is to Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point as it is known in English. It is a village on the Sea of Cortez and only about 60 miles below the border.  Its about 3 and 1/2 hours from Phoenix. It should be a good trip. We went to another seminar on traveling around the world by rv. It included some information on camping at farms and wineries. We signed up for $30.00 a year. You can then stay overnight at various wineries and farms for free. Of course, you would want to buy a bottle or two of wine while there but that sounds like a good deal. We also went to seminars on facebook(got to get into the 21st century and sign up for it). I went to one on beyond Picasa put on by the Geeks on Tour. We have been to other of their seminars at another rally we went to last year. I learned a lot at this one about picasa that I didn't know before. Joe had to leave early as we had a problem with our heater/air conditioner and had mobile rv repair person who is at the rally came over to fix it. Always something. There was entertainment at night and happy hours where we chatted with others about their experiences in traveling either full time or part time in their motor homes. We had a good time.

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