Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From the Plains to the Mountains

Tuesday we headed to Waterton, Alberta, Canada. Waterton Lakes National Park borders Glacier National Park in Montana, US. In fact, in 1932 Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was formed from Waterton and Glacier. We plan to visit Glacier as well once we cross the border back into the States. This area is different from where we have been in Banff and Glacier as we drove through farm lands and now prairies that butt up against the mountains. It is also known for its deep lakes, deepest in the Canadian Rockies. We wanted to stay at the National Park that is right on the lake, but alas it was full. We normally don't make reservations unless we are going to be hitting the weekend and most of the national parks have first come first serve but our luck ran out this time. The Park Ranger recommended two private campgrounds and we headed to Crooked Creek Campground a few miles away. It is a fairly nice campground with nice views of the mountains. We got set up and decided to take a drive to Cameron Lake. It is about a 30 minute drive through mountains on a windy road. More beautiful scenery.  You can kayak or canoe but it is a rather small lake but certainly pretty.

It has fishing and hiking as well. We went back to our campground for a relaxing evening.                                              

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