Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jasper National Park

Sunday we drove to Jasper. Another scenic drive. Jasper is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Canada. It is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies.The drive there on the Columbia Icefields Parkway is jaw dropping with  majestic rockies, waterfalls, flora, glacier fed turquoise and azure lakes and wildlife.

Tangle Falls

Our first bear
         There are no private campgrounds in the Park. Parks Canada runs all the national campgrounds. Whistler and Wapiti are two of the largest campgrounds(Whistler has almost 800 sites and Wapiti has around 350). They are only a few miles from the city of Jasper. We spent Sunday night at Whistler, but switched over Wapiti. No internet and so we needed our MTV. Both campgrounds are beautiful with views of the mountains. We took a drive on Pyramid Road near town to check out Patricia and Pyramid lakes. We are definitely planning some kayaking, probably on the larger Pyramid Lake.


On the way back we saw a little more Wildlife.

Tuesday we went into the town of Jasper. We walked in some of the shops and also had some dinner at Fiddle River Seafood restaurant. It has nice mountain views. I had arctic char, a fish similiar to salmon. It was done in phylo dough with spinach and goat cheese. Very good. Joe continued his quest for the perfect meatloaf. Alas, this one was made with bison and too lean a meat for meatloaf which needs more fat to make it juicy.



We have found it very interesting to see so many motorhomes, trailers,etc You are constantly passing them as you drive up here in this part of Canada. You especially see a lot of for rent C Class RV's. We have not seen or met many other Americans. Most people are either from Canada, of course, or from Europe and other areas of the world.

We got back to our campsite and found out we missed all the action. There was a bear hanging around for about 30 minutes right in the meadow in front of our row. There was about 50 people just watching and taking pictures until the rangers shooed the bear away. Darn, the only night we went out.

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