Friday, August 26, 2011

Elk, Buffalo and Snow

Thursday had been rainy and we didn't do much except go back into Bozeman to get Joe's prescriptions and some more groceries so we are set for the coming week in Gillette. Friday morning looked sunny and we all set out for Yellowstone to do some kayaking in Yellowstone Lake. We drove our usual route through the North entrance. At the visitor center there were even more elk than the other day.

                                                             Joe and Savannah waiting for me

We weren't done with wildlife We were close to the lower falls and few families of Bison were walking in the middle of the road, babies and all.


The Lower Falls which is in what is called the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. These falls are 308 feet in height They are about 40 water falls throughout the Park.

When we were there, we were starting to hear thunder and the skies were getting pretty dark in some areas. We had been driving for about three hours already and the boat launch area is still about an hour away It looks like we may skip the kayaking this time. We drove over Fishing Bridge. There is a campground here and is where we stayed last time we were here. Actually a better place to stay as it is fairly center to all the sights in the park. We stopped in a pull out area by the lake and we walked a little by the water with Savannah and had some lunch we brought along. We decided to make our way back home.

 Weather had been strange today, sunny, cloudy, thunder and rain and even a little snow in the higher elevations.

Well, this was our last day exploring Yellowstone. Lots of fun. Tomorrow we are off to Buffalo, Wyoming for one night and then will have a short hour drive to Gillette to check in for the Escapade. It is our first one, though we have been to four Escapee Hops, and we are looking forward to seeing what it is like.

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