Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More time in Yellowstone

We left Savannah home in the MH and took off for another day in Yellowstone.  We again entered through the Roosevelt Arch and as we continued stopped for some views and took a picture of one of Yellowstone's tour buses. Unlike Glacier's, which were red, these are yellow. Hum, wonder why they picked that color.
We took the turn towards Tower- Roosevelt and stopped at Undine Falls. We then took a six mile side road called Blacktail Plateau Drive. It is an one way unpaved road and usually has a lot of wildlife. We didn't see any but it was still a nice drive.


                                                                                  We got back to the main road and took another turn to see the Petrified Tree. It was created during volcanic activity in Yellowstone. It is surrounded by a fence as there use to be three trees but the others were vandalized as people took pieces of them for souvenirs.

We next continued on to Tower Falls. There is a small path to walk down to get the awesome views of the 132 Falls.
 The formations that are seen here and across the Yellowstone River were formed by a basaltic lava flow that cracked into the hexagonal columns, or "fence posts," as it slowly cooled


We stopped at Canyon Village for lunch It was 2:30 and the restaurant was closed and so we just got some sandwiches and potato salad and drinks and stopped at a nice spot on a creek. We then went to the Norris Geyser Basin. It is the hottest geyser basin in Yellowstone. There are two sections, one Back Basin and the other called Porcelain Basin and we took the paths to both. Steamboat Geyser is here and is the largest active geyser and can reach 380 feet when it erupts. Unfortunately, it is rare and the last time it had a major eruption was in 1991. It does have minor eruptions of up to 40 feet.

We headed north and back to the campground where a happy dog, Savannah welcomed us home with her usual kisses.


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