Saturday, August 13, 2011

dragon boats, kayaking

We planned to kayak at Two Jack Lake, just a little way from Lake Minnewanka where they were having Dragon Boat Races on Saturday. The dragon boats are 40 feet long and decorated with flags and colorful dragons. They race along with drums beating to push them on. An interesting thing I read on one of the sites is about how the dragon plays the most respected role in the Chinese mythological tradition. Dragons are traditionally believed to be the rulers of rivers and seas and dominate the clouds and the rains of heaven.

The Stoney First Nations people also have had their traditional legends of creatures living in the rivers and lakes. Lake Minnewanka or “Lake of the Evil Water Spirits”  got  its name from one  myth of a half-human, half-creature believed to prey upon unsuspecting boaters. We had learned about this myth on our boat tour.

We continued on to Two Jacks Lake. This is another lake surrounded by lush forest and towering mountain peaks. Banff has it all for things to do, including scuba diving. The waters are deep in both Lake Minnewanga, which actually has a submerged town, Minnewanga Landing to explore, and Two Jacks.

        Another peaceful paddle among the beauty of this area. Just lovely.                                                

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