Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Day for a Jeep Ride

Thursday we got up late. Everyone was on their own today. Joe and I decided to get some lunch in town and then take a drive to see Hell's Canyon from up above to get a different view from my boat trip. We had lunch at the same restaurant as the other day. This time we both got Gyros, which were yummy. It is another sunny warm day and we love sitting outside enjoying the great weather. We took a left about a half mile north of Riggins and headed up the mountain. Before we turned, we went by an area where there are a lot of people fishing for salmon on the Salmon River. Someday we will have to buy some fishing gear and get out there and do some fishing on our own. We drove up to Iron Phone Junction and headed for Cold Springs and Low Saddle and then made the loop to Saw Pit Saddle and finally came out at Lucile, another small town north of Riggins. A nice drive, using 4 Wheel Drive, but nothing that was hard enough that we were worried about being on our own.


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